Electrodynamic Dust Shield Technology

The Electrodynamic Dust Shield technology being developed at the Electrostatics and Surface Physics Laboratory is based on the electric curtain concept developed at NASA in 1967 and later by the University of Tokyo. In 2003, our NASA laboratory, in collaboration with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, started development of the Electrodynamic Dust Shield technology for dust particle removal from solar panels on Mars.

Currently, the Electrostatics and Surface Physics Laboratory is developing the Electrodynamic Dust Shield to prevent dust accumulation on spacesuits, thermal radiators, solar panels, optical instruments, and viewports for future lunar and Mars exploration activities.

Movie showing the Electrodynamic Screen at vacuum and at lunar gravity on a reduced gravity flight.

These photographs show the cleaning performance of a transparent Electrodynamic Dust Shield for optical systems, cameras, astronaut visors, and viewports.

Dust Shield 1 with Dust Square Dust Shield after activation

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